Meet our team of Instructors at iLoveKickboxing in Federal Way.

All of our instructors has been hand-picked because of their ability to teach you the art of Kickboxing.  But we didn't stop there, each of our instructors works with our members to help them stay focused on their fitness goals. 

Each of our classes includes 2-4 of our instructors on the mat with you during class. At ILKB FW we have a very high customer service goal with each of our members, we are on-the-mat with you, pushing you to burn as many calories as possible during the warm-up, or to help you develop the best technique when you're doing the bag rounds.

If you have ever paid for a Personal Training session, you know these sessions often cost $75 to $250 an hour to have a training with you for an hour. People routinely pay these prices because they know the chances of hitting your fitness goals when you have a trainer is 83% higher than without one. 

Here are real comments from our members in Federal Way:

"The ILKB instructors are more than just a team, they are a family. They support everyone, on and off the mat. There is no other "gym" where you get calls, texts, and emails following up on you. Cheering you on at various events out side of kickboxing - 5k's, marathons, etc. They celebrate your small milestones and major milestones with you and surround you with ongoing support. Even though I have been plagued by injuries this past year, when I make a class here and there, I get support and encouragement, reminding me that even when I'm not there, they are still supporting me. The Federal Way ILKB staff is a true family!" - Mistica Dawn

"No Instructor-intimidation here!!! Always heartfelt positive support. When you step through the doors you’re greeted and motivated by this amazing team of people that want to help you reach your goals, whatever they are." - Kimberly Fox

"I've made more friends since i've joined than i have in years! people genuinely care about each other at ILKBFW, and that starts with our team of instructors. they are the most encouraging and supportive people who share not only the results but also the hard work it takes to reach the goals you set for yourself. they make you want to be better, they make you want to come back just by being themselves. the instructors have a real talent for knowing what you need, a kind ear or a tough push. it really is home here, we really are a family " - Frankie Aganza

"ILKB -FW instructors keep you smiling while you sweat and inspire you to daily find change in the challenge." - Michele Taylor

"Even though I ask who's teaching each time I walk through the door, I know I'm going to get an amazingly abusive hour to adore them more. This is no easy road no matter how great their attitudes, charm and smiles are... They are family & know when to call me out on my crap as well! They each have contagious chemistry you have to experience on your own. They make ME want to be there and miss them when they're out. Not only do they check on us, we can check on them too! This experience is enlightening, positive and rewarding in more than one way. I'm looking forward to what they'll do to us this evening? " - Madeline Munson

"Encouragement, Inspiration, Positivity, Accountability...These aren’t just words; they’re motto’s illustrated by ILKB Staff who motivate members to become the best versions of themselves through hard work and determination." - Melissa Richardson

At ILKBFW, our Personal Training experience is included in every class you take. Our members experience great results because of our ability to give them a personal training experience during every single class. We want you to experience the ILKB FW difference which is why when you sign-up for our $20 (3-Class) Web Special, which includes FREE BOXING GLOVES, also includes 1on1 instruction with one of our trainers on your first class. That's correct, in your very first class our trainer will be focused on you and your success during your first hour on the mat. So you have nothing to fear.   


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