Did you know we have one of the top Fitness Kickboxing studios in the United States right here in Federal Way, Washington?

Welcome to iLoveKickboxing Federal Way. We offer over 30 instructor-led Kickboxing classes each week, designed to help people get back to the best shape of their life. We opened in October 2016 and have become one of the most popular fitness studios in the area. In fact, our studio has been named one of the top 3 fitness studios for the past 2-years by the Federal Way Mirror Reader's Poll.

"Delivering The Best Hour of Your Day!"

 This is our team's mission statement and we take it very seriously. At ILKB Federal Way we focus on giving you an awesome instructor-led Kickboxing class while making it fun and exciting. We do that by injecting high-energy music, using a state-of-the-art sound system found in very high-end nightclubs. We have over 100 playlists, designed to get you moving and keep you motivated through the entire workout. Depending on day and time of day, you'll have two, three or four of our instructors on-the-mat with you. Think of it as a group-led personal training experience - for every single class you take. That's right, you'll have a trainer motivating you through the entire 60-minute class.

Results, not excuses

We are a results-focused studio. This means our classes are designed to help you burn 600-800 calories in each class, another 200 calories within an hour of leaving the studio. Coming to the studio 3x a week will help you shed about a pound of a week. If you want to trim up faster, we can help you with your nutrition coaching (included in our membership) and help you increase it. Weight/Fat loss varies greatly depending on body composition, however, it isn't impossible for many to lose 2-3 pounds a week.

Your First Class - It's Special!

When you sign-up to take your first class at ILKB Federal Way, we ask you to arrive 30-40 minutes before class time so you can meet with the instructor we have assigned to hang out with you the entire class. That's right, on your first class we pull one of our instructors off the mat and have them work with you. So there is no reason to be nervous, we got you! They will help you through the warm-up, then teach you all of the basic punches and kicks we perform in the studio. This will yield great results, you will learn faster and gain tremendous confidence during the class.

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